01 June 2011

Allen/Cawthorn Family Record Cont'd.

CONTINUED: I found this in my great grand uncle, Uriel Powell's genealogy research. I do not know where this came from, if it is an original or if it was made by Uriel. Transcribed by K. Stevens, click on images for a larger image.

James E. Allen was married to Maranda Cannady
Elizabeth C. Allen was married to Meradeth Yancey 28 Nov 1829
Emeline H. Allen and William D. Allen were married 22nd March 1838
Charles P. Allen and Elizabeth Jones were married 14 May 1840
David B. Allen and Mary A. Montague were married 24 Dec 1844
William N. Allen and Francis Mayes were married 12 March 1848
Benjamin Allen and Eliza Mallory were married 17 Feb 1847
Martha A. Allen and William Mayes were married 12 Jan 1848
Mary C. Allen and Frances Hester were married 29 Jan 1851
Cornelia E. Allen and John W. Cawthorn were married 25 Oct 1868
Mary B. Allen and Lester e. Wright were married 6 Dec 1876
Cordelia A. Allen and M.E. Allen were married 28 Dec 1870
Martha E. Allen and Abner Overton were married 6 Oct 1875
Anna B. Allen and A.A. Overton were married 5 Nov 1870

David B. Allen died 31 Jan 1862
Mary A. (Allen) Overton died 19 Jan 1901
John W. Cawthorn died 14 March 1901

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