11 May 2012

Can I copy that picture?

Since gathering up old historic and genealogy photos I've wondered, what photos can I copy & reprint without breaking copyright laws. I am about to do a project with these photos so I'm researching copyrights & will share with you what I have learned:

Date of Work
Term of Copyright
Published before 1923
In public domain. No Copyright (Free to copy! YAY!)
Published between 1923-1963 When published with notice or registered in the U.S.

In public domain, unless the copyright has been renewed in which case they are protected for 95 years from the copyright/publication date.
Published between 1964-1977 When published with notice or registered Protected for 95 years.

There are additional regulations for things published after 1978, but I don't have to worry about that for the picture I plan on copying and reprinting.

More info can be found here at the Library of Congress.

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