22 July 2012

Finding Col. Sanders (and others)

With my move to Kentucky a whole new world of cemeteries is opening up... and luckily my friends have realized that visiting cemeteries can be fun. One of my friends thought it would be fun to see the graves of Daniel Boone (post soon to come) and Col. Sanders while she was visiting me a week ago.

We found that Col. Sanders (yeah the KFC guy) is buried in the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. If you're ever visiting or riding through Louisville I highly suggest a visit to Cave Hill. It is HUGE! And as a warning it is possible to get lost.

This is by far the largest cemetery I have visited to date. Using directions from online we attempted to find Col. Sanders, but had trouble because we entered through the wrong entrance. Once we found the yellow dotted line though it was easy to find the site of Col. Sanders and his wife.

Photo by K. Stevens. 2012.
Another thing to look for when visiting Cave Hill Cemetery are the graves of both the confederate soldiers and union soldiers. 

Photo by K. Stevens. 2012

Photo by K. Stevens. 2012

Photo by K. Stevens. 2012
Photo by K. Stevens. 2012

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