09 September 2011

Allen, Jones, Powell, Sorrell (Ephesus Baptist Church)

I always look for certain surnames, like Powell, Sorrell, Jones, and Allen. Only a few people with these surnames are buried in Ephesus Baptist Church Cemetery:

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

Emma B. Powell
Emma B. Powell (b. Sep 1871, d. 3 Aug 1933) was married to Zack Hamilton on 17 Oct 1894 in Swift Creek Township, Wake County, NC.

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

Frank Powell
James Frank Powell (b. 6 Jan 1877, d. 29 Jun 1961) was the son of Billy Powell and Lucy Powell. He was buried to Lena Andrews and was a tobacco farmer. James "Frank" Powell was buried 30 Jun 1961 at Ephesus. 

Cora Powell
Cora Cooper Powell (b. 28 Dec 1880, d. 21 Feb 1954) was married to Frank Powell on 8 January 1899 in Cary, Wake, NC. 

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

Martha L. Sorrell
Martha L. Sorrell (b. 11 Sept 1868, d. 25 Apr 1872) was the daughter of W.M. & M.M. Sorrell. 

Mr. I. N. Allen & Family
I almost didn't see this stone. It is in the ground and covered by grass (I pulled as much of the grass off as I could to take a picture of the stone. 

Mrs. I. N. Allen
Mrs. I. N. Allen (b. 17 Dec 1855, d. 22 Feb 1936).
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

Mary Elvia Jones Smith
Mary Elvia Jones Smith (b. 17 May 1900, d. 10 Feb 2007)... no information about her yet!

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

Beulah Harris Jones
Beulah Harris Jones (b. 23 Apr 1895, d. 26 Dec 1980)

Moutell Otis Jones
Moutell Otis Jones (b. 20 Dec 1895, d. 23 Jan 1948) 

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

Thelma Lenor Jones
Thelma Lenor Jones (b. 24 Jun 1916, d. 23 Jan 1932)

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