09 September 2011

Hicks (Epheseus Baptist Church)

Image by K. Stevens, 2011.

The Hicks family plots are found close to the King family plots, but are closer to the paved parking lot at Epheseus. Husband and wife, Charles Hicks and Surveiter King Hicks, were buried on either side of their child Annie Lucas Hicks. Charles Stanford Hicks, Junior is buried next to his mother.

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

5. Charles S. Hicks 
Charles Stanford Hicks (b. 14 Jan 1886, d. 22 May 1965) was the son of William Hicks & Willie Creech. He was married to Surveiter Florence King on 14 January 1917 in Johnston County, NC. He was an electrician and was a NC sergeant in Company C 2, Infantry in World War I. He was buried at Epheseus on 22 May 1965.

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011.

6. Annie Lucas Hicks
Annie Lucas Hicks (b. 12 Oct 1923, d. 18 June 1925) was the daughter of Charles S. Hicks & Surveiter King Hicks. Annie was 1 year 8 months 6 days old when she died and was buried on 19 June 1925 in Epheseus cemetery. The family was living in Selma, Johnston County, NC.

Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 
7. Surveiter King Hicks
Surveiter Florence King (b. 31 July 1892, d. 21 Mar 1967) was the daughter of L.C. King and Annie Holt King Sellars. She was married to Charles S. Hicks on 14 January 1917. Surveiter was buried on 23 Mar 1967.

8. Charles Stanford Hicks, Jr.
Charles Stanford Hicks, Jr. (b. 12 Sep 1926, d. 25 Dec 2004) was the son of Charles S. Hicks and Surveiter King Hicks. 

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