26 August 2011

King, Part I (Ephesus Baptist Church)

Next on the agenda for tonight- the King families found in Ephesus Baptist Church. Oh, yeah... ignore my feet in all the pictures!

Layout of King & Hicks plots. Image by K. Stevens, 2011. 

1. Rena King
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 
Amanda Rena King (b. 1 May 1898, d. 30 Sept 1984) was a Principal and educator in Johnston County. She was the daughter of Lucas Canady King & Annie Florence Holt. Rena was buried in the Ephesus Baptist Church Cemetery on 2 Oct 1984, a couple of days after she died.

2. Annie Holt
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011.
Annie Florence Holt (b. 8 Dec 1870, d. 20 Mar 1954) was the daughter of Albert Holt and Lizzie Holt. She was married twice. First she married Lucas Canady King on 26 Jul 1891 in Cary, NC. After her first husband died in 1904 she remarried W.P. Sellars on 22 Jul 1909 in Johnston County. She is buried one plot from her first husband Lucas King.

3. Johnnie T. King
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 
b. 25 Nov 1903, d. 28 Feb 1908

4. L. C. King
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 
Lucas Canady King (b. 6 Jul 1868, d. 25 May 1904) was married to Annie Holt on 26 Jul 1891 in Cary, NC.

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