11 August 2011

Those Places Thursday: The Straubs Long Journey

A few years back I wrote a term paper on the migration of the Straub/Stroup family. This Google Earth video shows the many kilometers the Straub/Stroup family traveled to go from the Rhine to North Carolina in just a couple of generations. Here is the simple version of what went on:

The Straub family (Pieter Straub, Anna Maria Straub, & children Jacob & Pieter Straub) traveled from:

  • GroƟgartach to the nearby Heilbronn (approx. 6 km)
  • Heilbronn to Rotterdam, Holland (on a ship up the Rhine River, probably took 4 to 6 weeks)
  • Rotterdam (stayed for a few weeks and left 24 June 1733) to Plymouth, England (arrived 12 July 1733)
  • Plymouth to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (arrived 18th OR 29th Sept 1733)
  • Lived in various places including Freeburg (originally "Straubstown") and New Hanover, PA. 

Jacob Straub

  • by 1746 migrated to Maryland
  • by 1772 migrated with his family (including son Philip Stroup) to Tryon County, North Carolina (now Lincoln County, NC)

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