26 August 2011

Medlin, Wood, & Luther (Ephesus Baptist Church)

Medlin, Luther, & Wood family burials at Ephesus Baptist Church. I chose to do a post on these families because I am distantly related to Anna C. Wood Luther and Florence Wood Medlin. These two sisters are buried very near to each other.

Layout of burial plots. Image by K. Stevens, 2011. 

1. James M. Luther & his wife, Anna C. Wood
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011
James Madison Luther (b. 11 Jan 1871, d.23 Oct 1939 ) married Anna Carter Wood (b. 31 July 1871, d.22 Apr 1917) on 17 Dec 1896 in White Oak, Wake, NC. 

James was born in Montgomery County to parents Henry Clay Luther and Elizabeth Deogue. He worked as a farmer and was buried 24 Oct 1939. 

Anna was buried 23 Apr 1915 at Ephesus. Her father was Larkin H. Wood and her mother 
was Fannie Buffaloe.

James & Anna had at least six children Dallas Millard Luther (b.22 Mar 1898, d.5 Oct 1945), James Alsey Luther (b.6 Dec 1900, d. 7 Mar 1985), Oscar Teague Luther (b.16 Dec 1903, d. 9 Aug 1975), Anna Mae Luther Pendergraph (b.1908, d. 24 Feb 1971), Therza (sp?) (1909), Woodrow Wilson Luther (5 Jun 1912- 21 Feb 1988). 

2. Charlie Glenn Luther   
b. 24 Oct 1905, d. 22 Mar 1906
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 

3. J. C. Medlin
b. 28 Aug 1836, d. 24 Nov 1924
Photo by K. Stevens, 2011. 
4. Florence W. Medlin
Image by K. Stevens, 2011. 
Ella Florence Wood Medlin (b.30 Dec 1865, d. 21 Sep 1940) was married to Sidney A. Medlin on 8 Feb 1899 in Apex, NC. Her parents were Larkin H. Wood and Francis Buffalo. She was buried in Ephesus cemetery on 22 Sep 1940. 

5. Sidney A. Medlin
Image by K. Stevens, 2011.
Sidney A. Medlin (b.5 Mar 1865, d. 12 Sep 1926) was first married to Arrena Holt on 20 Oct 1887 in Cary, NC. Soon after Arrena died S.A. Medlin remarried to Ella Florence Wood on 8 Feb 1899 in Apex, NC. 

6. Arrena H. Medlin
Arrena "Rena" Holt Medlin (b. 18 Mar 1869, d. 21 May 1898) was married to Sidney A. Medlin on 20 Oct 1887 in Cary, NC. 

7. Henry A. Medlin
Image by K. Stevens, 2011. 
Henry Arthur Medlin (b. 2 Aug 1893, d. 1 Mar 1943) was the son of Sidney A. Medlin and "Rena" Holt. Henry was married to Chloie Lockamy on 19 Jan 1913 in Wake CountyNC and had at least three children: James Sidney Medlin (b. 19 Apr 1919, d. 14 Dec 1962), Margaret Medlin (b. 9 Apr 1922, d. 25 Jun 1923), & Unnamed Infant (b/d. 1913). After Chloie died, Henry possibly married Nettie Bradley on 18 Dec 1937 in WendellNC.

8. Chloie Lockamy
b. 11 Oct 1892, d. 12 Apr 1936

9. Bessie M. Medlin
Image by K. Stevens, 2011. 
b. 7 Aug 1901, d. 7 Dec 1910
Bessie is the daughter of D.E. & C.E. Medlin. 

10. Margaret Medlin
Image by K. Stevens, 2011. 
b. 9 Apr 1922, d. 25 Jun 1923
Margaret Louis Medlin was the daughter of H.A. Medlin & Chloie Lockamy. She was buried on 26 Jun 1923. 

11. Infant Medlin 
b/d. 1913
This is the child of H. A. Medlin & Chloie Lockamy.

?? F. Annie Medlin
Annie Florence Taylor (b. 10 May 1872, d. 2 Feb 1942) was married to William H. Medlin on 20 Dec 1891 in House Creek Township, Wake, NC. Her parents were Baldwin Taylor and Patilda (?) Underwood. 

?? W.H. Medlin 
William H. Medlin was married to Annie "Florence" Taylor. William's parents were James Medlin and Sabrina Holderfield.

?? Maggie M. Medlin
Maggie Mcgee (b. 3 May 1902, d. 2 Feb 1942) was married to William Macon Medlin on 5 Sep 1920. She was buried on 27 Aug 1980 in Raleigh, NC. Her father was Milton Mcgee and her mother was Mattie Carpenter. 

?? William M. Medlin
William Macon Medlin (b. 11 Sep 1894, d. 25 Mar 1987) was a carpenter. His parents were W.H. Medlin and Annie Florence Medlin. He married Maggie Mcgee on 5 Sep 1920 in Wake County, NC

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