08 August 2011

Nameless Negatives: Post #1 My Favorite Unknown

As the first post in my "Nameless Negatives" collection I believe my title may need to be explained.
I have many photographs (not actually in negative form of course) from an unknown time, unknown place, and of unknown people. Hopefully sharing these photos online will either help connect me with others who can place names with the faces, or motivate me to do more digging.

Nameless Negatives: Post #1 "My Favorite Unknown"
This is one of my favorite photographs from my nameless pile. I have no clue who these people are but every time I look at the picture I feel connected. They look young, happy, and almost playful with their slight-smiled smirks. 
Possible location: Halifax County, North Carolina or somewhere in Virginia
Possible relatives (Surnames): Allen, Cawthorn, Montague (I found this in Uriel's collection which contained photographs mainly from these families)
Possible time period: don't have the slightest idea

Below is the original condition of the photograph with scratches and holes. The above image has been edited.

Original Photo with holes & scratches
Photo edited some with ArcSoft software

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