15 August 2011

Matrilineal Monday: The Daughters of Frances Buffaloe & Larkin Wood

Larkin WOOD & Frances Buffaloe (Crocker) WOOD were blessed with taking care of thirteen children in the mid- to late- 1800s. What was special about this family? Twelve of these children were females, the very last kid was the lone boy. While researching Larkin's daughters I have had both ups & downs- for some of them it has been easy to find marriages and census records, for others it hasn't. 

I am going to use this post as a sort of goal to find out more about these ladies. Throughout tonight I will add updates of what I have found using the internet. 

Louisa CROCKER (16 Sep 1856- 16 Jun 1917) married William Burton WILDER
Evira CROCKER (1858- ?) possibly died before 1870 census
Thersann WOOD (1862-?) 
Calie V. WOOD (27 Sep 1864- 11 Jan 1928) married Unknown WILDER Samuel WILDER
Ella F. WOOD (30 Dec 1865- 21 Sep 1940) married S. A. MEDLIN Sidney A. MEDLIN
Francis WOOD (1868- 3 Feb 1950) married Unknown HUNTER William C. HUNTER
Anna C. WOOD (31 Jul 1871- 22 Apr 1917) married Unknown Joseph M. LUTHER
Minie WOOD (May 1873- ?) married to Unknown W. F. CASTLEBERRY
Hattie WOOD (1876- ?) married to Unknown Irvin MANN
Nelly G. WOOD (1878-?)
Tena May WOOD (15 Jun 1879- ?)
Rena Rey WOOD (15 Jun 1879- 20 Aug 1916) married George F. LUTER LEWTER

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7:17 PM- Callie WOOD (b. 1863) married Samuel WILDER (b. 1861) on 23 Dec 1885 in White Oak Township, Wake, North Carolina*
7:21 PM- Ella F. WOOD (b. 1866) married Sidney A. MEDLIN (b. 1865) on 8 Feb 1899 in Apex, Wake, North Carolina*
7:24 PM- Anna C. WOOD (b. 1871) married Joseph M. LUTHER (b. 1871) on 17 Dec 1896 in White Oak Township, Wake, North Carolina
Internet Down!!!
9:01 PM- Minnie WOOD (May 1873) was married to W. F. CASTLEBERRY (1865) on 5 Aug 1900 in Wake, North Carolina*
9:30 PM- Minnie WOOD probably died before 1906 when W. F. CASTLEBERRY remarried to Nellie S Bridgers
10:01 PM- Minnie WOOD had two children: William Burton CASTLEBERRY (26 Jun 1901- 29 Apr 1974), Carey Newton CASTLEBERRY (25 Jul 1902- 28 Mar 1966)
10:16 PM- Francis WOOD (b. 1868) married William C. HUNTER (1862) on 25 Nov 1889 in Wake County, North Carolina*
11:00 PM- Hattie Wood married Irvin MANN on 21 Dec 1899 in Wake County
*FamilySearch.org: North Carolina Marriages, 1759-1979

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