07 August 2011

My "Heritage Pie Chart"

I first stumbled upon the "Heritage Pie Chart" idea on Are You My Cousin?... and found further information on the premises at My Tapley Tree... and its Branches: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. So I thought I would give it a try- first with my 16-great-great-grandparents. I do want to note that because of "bad sentiments" towards two of my great-great-grandparents, no one in the family will tell me their names, but I have been working on my grandmother to get her brother to tell me...so hopefully someday I'll be able to add them in.

First I looked at origin by country

HA! No surprise here... thoroughly American.

So I wanted to see if there was any variety in origin by State:

Ok, now this may be getting a little monotonous... apparently my ancestors really like North Carolina!

So I went down one more level to see how my "Heritage Pie Chart" might look by N.C. counties. Here is the result (click on the image for a close up):

 Now we see some variety!

1. Charles Stevens Wake, NC
2. Katie Price Johnston, NC
3.John Henry Walker Wake, NC
4. Nettie Parrish Wake, NC
5. Vester Lynn Edwards Guilford, NC
6. Meta Scott Powell Wake, NC
7. Kelso Kedron Wood Wake, NC
8. Burlena Murray Wake, NC
9. Pinkney Ellington Gaston, NC
10. Mary Louise McAllister Mecklenburg, NC
11. John Laban Skidmore Lincoln, NC
12. Arrie K Chronister Lincoln, NC
13. Burton Alexander Powell Halifax, NC
14. Mary Ellen Cawthorn Vance, NC

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