06 August 2011

Uriel Orin Powell

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I wanted to make all the old photos, documents, and bible records I had available to others who might be interested. This blog wouldn't have been possible without my great grand uncle, Uriel Orin Powell's collection of records, research, and family photographs. Uriel died about 7 months after I was born, but I've enjoyed looking at everything he collected over the years since I was 15. A lot of what I know about Uriel comes from my grandmother. Uriel was my grandmother's uncle, but he raised her and was more like a father.

Uriel was born 4 Oct 1910 in Rosemary, Halifax Co., North Carolina. At the age of 13 (May 1924) he was baptized at Rosemary Baptist Church. He graduated from Roanoke Rapids High School in 1931. After high school Uriel worked in the Cotton Mill until his house was built, and then he worked in the US Post Office (for 32 and 1/2 years) as a clerk and for 5 years as a substitute carrier.

Uriel's parents were Burton Alexander Powell and Mary Ellen Cawthorn; his siblings were Robert Alexander Powell, Rodney Ray Powell, Mary Lois Powell, and Fannie Paige Powell.

Uriel died of a heart attack 2 July 1989, was cremated, and placed in the back wall of Rosemary Baptist Church.

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